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TRAINING COURSE Structural Dynamics for Dummies

This training provides the participants with an overview of structural dynamics testing and analysis, which is the single most important discipline to understand and optimise the dynamic behaviour of structures. The underlying techniques and applications – including the most up-to-date ones – are explained in an easy-to-understand manner with focus on practical aspects. Throughout this training course, case studies will be presented and demonstrations will be performed.

ENMO Sound & Vibration Technology organizes:

  • 1 day training Structural Dynamics in The Netherlands (local ENMO office, IJsselburcht 3, Arnhem) on April 19th

The price of this course is € 125,= excl. VAT and includes training folder, certificate, lunch, etc.

We hereby invite you to participate during this informative and unique training course.

There are limited places available, therefore we recommend you to subscribe as soon as possible. After registration you will receive a formal confirmation including further details (final program, address, etc.).

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  • To explain the possibilities and limitations of structural dynamics testing and analysis
  • To give an overview of the most frequently used applications
  • To describe instrumentation used for structural testing
  • To describe the complete workflow from test planning to measurement, over analysis to validation
  • To explain the difference between testing and simulation and how the combined use can be beneficial
  • To provide the participants with knowledge about how to get started with structural dynamics testing and analysis in their own organization


  • Overview of Structural Dynamics
    • What, why and how
    • Experimental testing versus analytical simulation
    • Signal analysis versus system analysis
  • Operating Deflection Shapes (ODS) Analysis
    • Introduction
    • Time ODS, Spectral ODS and Non-stationary ODS
  • Classical Modal Analysis
    • Overview, Definitions, Excitation Techniques
    • Mode Indicator Functions
    • Modal Parameter Identification Techniques (curve-fitting)
    • Validation of Results
  • Operational Modal Analysis
    • Introduction
    • Frequency Domain Techniques
    • Time Domain Techniques
  • Linking Test and Simulation
    • Introduction
    • Finite Element Models
    • Test Planning
    • Model Correlation
  • Solutions for Structural Dynamics
    • Software, hardware, transducers and exciters


This is a beginner’s course. Basic knowledge of vibration analysis, mathematics and physics is recommended, but not strictly required.

Who should attend? 

  • Participants who want to know the fundamentals of structural dynamics testing and analysis
  • Participants who want to get started with structural testing and analysis
  • Participants who want to refresh their knowledge in this area
  • Analysts who want to know more about testing


In case of cancellation of the registration up to 3 weeks prior to the training, a fee of 10% of the invoice will be invoiced, with a minimum of 75 Euro per participant.
In case of cancellation less than 3 weeks prior to the training, the full participation fee is applicable per participant.

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