An all-time low for our best-selling microphone set Type 4966-H-041 is an all-time high for the automotive industry and cold-weather testing.

The robust and stable Type 4966-H-041 microphone and preamplifier set from Brüel & Kjær (an HBK company), is now able to measure in sub-zero conditions down to –50°C (–58°F), an improvement of –20°C (-4°F)!

Drivers expect consistent performance and comfort from their vehicles all-year round, even in the depths of winter, so any unusual squeaks, rattles, whines or whistles appearing in cold weather would be alarming and unwelcome.

For automotive manufacturers, NVH (Noise, Vibration Harshness) testing is crucial for optimizing sound quality in vehicles. Interior and exterior vehicle acoustic measurements are performed from an early stage to refine the acoustic characteristics of a vehicle, and this includes making measurements in freezing temperatures.

Microphones are notoriously affected by the cold, but with the Type 4966-H-041 microphone set, engineers can confidently perform reliable, reproduceable and accurate measurements in adverse conditions, and contribute towards characterizing the overall acoustic signature of a vehicle, which, alongside vibration and harshness is of the utmost importance for the overall customer experience.

Just like every Brüel & Kjær microphone, the entire production process of Type 4966-H-041 is performed by hand and controlled by tight tolerances, making certain that each microphone meets the highest standards. Assembly takes place in an ISO Class 6 clean room, ensuring that the microphones maintain their low noise floor and high stability even in extreme environments.

More information is available via this link.