Filtration technology expert, Donaldson now has the ability to perform in-house vibration tests on its products, with a new LDS V9 combo system.

The company is developing a heavy truck air intake filtration system, which will undergo rigorous testing to ensure it is robust enough to withstand shock and vibration, during its operational lifetime.

After seeking advice from several suppliers, Donaldson chose Brüel & Kjær’s LDS V9 Combo Dual Slip Plate, which will be supplied by Bruel & Kjær’s exclusive Benelux distributor – ENMO Sound & Vibration Technology (
More information about the V9 system is available on Brüel & Kjær’s website:

Donaldson markets numerous filtration technology brands throughout the world, ranging from Torit and DCE to PowerCore and Donaldson Endurance.

More information about the company is available on it’s website:

About Brüel & Kjær

Brüel & Kjær helps solve sound and vibration challenges. It develops advanced technology for measuring and managing sound and vibration.

As a specialist in this domain, the company helps customers ensure component quality, enhance product performance and monitor operational compliance. Over more than 70 years, many of Brüel & Kjær’s research and development employees have become recognised global experts, who aid the scientific community and teach at renowned centres. The application of experience and technology promotes quality – and efficiency – at every stage of a product’s life cycle: design, development, manufacture, deployment and operation. Through mastering sound and vibration, Brüel & Kjær helps to accelerate business growth and improves environmental quality. To see our full range of solutions, systems and products, please visit:

Brüel & Kjær is a subsidiary of UK-based Spectris plc ( which has annual sales of £1.1bn and employs around 7,500 people worldwide across its four business segments.

About ENMO Sound & Vibration Technology

ENMO Sound & Vibration Technology is the exclusive partner and Service and Support Center for Brüel & Kjær sound and vibration measurement solutions in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Brüel & Kjær Sound and Vibration Measurements A / S is a multinational company with more than 1,000 specialists worldwide to work in sound and vibration technology and market leader in the development and production of high-tech sound and vibration measurement equipment.  Brüel & Kjær products are integrated into various solutions in the aerospace, automotive, telecom, wind energy and environment sectors and thus become the standard by which others compare themselves with. Since this 1996 collaboration with ENMO has made a unique expertise available in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg in the disciplines of Noise and Vibration Engineering, Electro-dynamic shakers, Machine Condition Measurements and Safety Monitoring. ENMO’s equipment and measurement solutions are frequently used within industrial companies, government, airports and universities.