2-channel CCLD Signal Conditioner Type 1704-C-102 is a USB-powered conditioner/amplifier, well-suited for you and your company. It provides signal conditioning, amplification and gain for CCLD-compatible accelerometers, microphones and tacho probes and can be connected to all standard data acquisition systems.

Don’t miss out

50% discount on Type 1704-C-102 if bought together with any two of the following transducers and two cables:

  • Type 4966-H-041: ½-inch free-field TEDS microphone
  • Type 4988-A: ¼-inch pressure-field TEDS microphone
  • Type 4533: General purpose CCLD accelerometer with TEDS
  • Type 4534: General purpose CCLD accelerometer with TEDS

This offer ends on 31 December 2019. More information can be found on this link.

Contact your ENMO representative to receive your quote (info@enmo.eu / phone: +3214600900 / phone: +31497380739).