TRAINING COURSE Acoustic & Vibration Introduction for Design & Test Engineers

Noise abatement is one of the aspects where the designer has to pay increasingly attention to. Also the government is increasingly aware that they have to counteract to the impairment of health. Other reasons to pay attention to noise control are improving the product image, increasing the user satisfaction and competitive considerations. By considering noise control engineering as an integral part of the design, unpleasant surprises can be avoided. This means that sound and vibration specifications at an early stage of the design shall be formulated to get clear what kind of consequences should be taken into account.

ENMO Sound & Vibration Technology organizes a three-day course “Acoustic & Vibration, Introduction for Design & Test Engineers, on the 27th, 28th and 29th of September 2016 at the training facility of the headquarters of ENMO Sound & Vibration Technology. The price of this three-day course is €960 excl. VAT and incl. training folder, certificate, lunches etc.

We hereby invite you to participate during this informative and unique three-day course.

There are limited places available, therefore we recommend you to subscribe as soon as possible.

Further information

Content of the training:

During this training the following topics will be discussed.

  • Principles of Acoustics
  • Principles of Vibration
  • Perception of Sound
  • Noise and Vibration transmission
  • Calculation and measurement methodes
  • Your questions related to acoustics and vibration

The three-day course will be a combination of presentations and life demonstrations.

Goal of the training:
This three-day course gives engineers a thorough understanding of the basic concepts that are important for airborne and structure-borne noise and vibration in machinery.

The participants will be trained by Bas Möllenkramer and Bert Roozen.

Overnight stay:
If you need any assistance with organising your overnight stay in Vosselaar/Turnhout, please do not hesitate to contact Anneke Teheux-Dalstra after your registration.