Brüel & Kjær today announced a major expansion and update to Measurement Partner, a comprehensive suite of solutions that supports sound level meter customers through every step of the sound measurement process.

Significant updates to Measurement Partner include Wi-Fi capability for its sound level meters and cloud storage for its post-processing software. Entirely new capabilities include a smartphone field app, a learning centre and an online community.

The free Measurement Partner Field App for IOS/Android smartphones remotely controls sound level meters without disturbing the sound field. The app also captures GPS position, location photographs, background audio clips, video of nearby noise sources, text-based notes and other metadata. All information can be sent to the Measurement Partner Cloud for easy storage and sharing, as well as for use with the Measurement Partner Post-Processing Software.

A user’s experience is further improved by two online initiatives: the Measurement Partner Learning Centre and the Measurement Partner Community. The learning centre brings together user manuals, application notes and training material. The community includes a blog and discussion board to connect thousands of Brüel & Kjær sound level meter users across the globe.

“Measurement Partner provides a group of solutions that streamline the end-to-end measurement process for increased efficiency and productivity,” said Mike Turner, Brüel & Kjær environment measurement market manager. “The expanded and updated suite of products not only helps users take accurate measurements, but also solves challenges from the beginning to the end of a project.”

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