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Vibration Testing Day Benelux

By considering a lifetime of stress and wear into a short period of time, vibration tests can reveal hidden design weaknesses. We need to be sure that products can cope with the shocks and stresses of their service life.

Vibration Test Profiles: Where do the actual vibration test profiles originate? Customers, end users or manufacturers who incorporate a component into an assembly, often define vibration test specifications and procedures themselves. These are typically based on experience and knowledge of which design solutions work well and which don’t. Vibration test can provide a more structured approach to understanding failure modes and defects that are caused by vibration.

Selecting a system: It is essential that your system is appropriate for the test – able to input the necessary vibration types and able to handle the forces generated when testing specific payloads. Above all, self-monitoring of resulting vibration levels is vital to ensure that your test object is not stressed more than necessary.

During this 1 day seminar on March 3rd, 2020 more information related to vibration test profiles as well as guidelines for selecting a system will be provided. Furthermore a tour through the laboratory of Thales Cryogenics is part of the program. In addition this seminar gives you the ability to network with colleagues and experts in the area of vibration testing.

As there are limited tickets available, we strongly recommend you to register yourself and your colleagues soon.

More information, including the program, can be found through this link. 

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