Brüel & Kjær’s new High-Frequency Head and Torso Simulator

DENMARK, October 2017

In response to the trend towards high-quality audio in mobile phones and the increasing popularity of headphones and headsets for communication and entertainment, Brüel & Kjær has developed the new High-frequency Head and Torso Simulator (HATS) Type 5128.

High-frequency HATS addresses the need for realistic, accurate and repeatable acoustic measurements across the full range of human hearing. The manakin also provides easier access to internal components and a larger area of silicon rubber around the pinna to better accommodate circumaural (over the ear) headphones. High-frequency HATS vastly extends the measurement capabilities for product audio performance to higher frequency ranges than those in the currently available head and torso simulators.

High-frequency HATS features a human-like ear canal that enables the correct acoustic impedance across the full frequency range and ear simulators with associated electronic calibration information via the transducer electronic datasheet (TEDS). By accurately replicating the audio response of the human ear, the High-frequency HATS provides unprecedented precision in audio testing of consumer products up to 20 kHz. In addition, the performance of the mouth has also been improved, providing an equalized output to 12 kHz, and beyond. This significantly improves the correlation between subjective and objective evaluation of the audio performance of smart devices and accessories, ensures industry-leading audio quality for new products in the marketplace and reduces development time.

More information is available at the High-frequency HATS page at