First-year students, accompanied by some second-year students, from the Applied Physics programme at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, immersed themselves in the world of sound and vibration during a working visit to ENMO.

At the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, students studying Applied Physics follow project education every term. In these, they learn to apply physics in situations they may later encounter in professional practice. In these projects, students work in teams in which they carry out a larger assignment, develop their professional skills and ultimately deliver professional products. They also attend guest lectures and go on company excursions to see what the profession of a technical physicist is like in practice.

Scientists take centre stage

During the first two years of study, students are extensively introduced to well-known scientists in the field of Applied Physics. The world of Newton on mechanics, the world of Telkes on thermodynamics, the world of Theremin on Waves and Vibrations but also the worlds of Maxwell on Electromagnetism and Higgs on particle and accelerator physics, among others, take centre stage.

Fieldtrip: visit ENMO

For a further in-depth look into the field of Sound and Vibration, ENMO opened its doors to a working visit for 25 students from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. The day at ENMO kicked off with a guest lecture on the diversity of applications and measurement equipment in the world of sound and vibration. A highly experienced expert took the students on an acoustic dive into this fascinating subject matter.

During the afternoon part, the students were given a tour by the Lab Manager of ENMO Services’ lab. During this tour the « calibrations » section was explained. What does a calibration consist of? Why is a calibration important? What are the steps for performing a calibration on a sound meter, for example? A workshop in which interaction with the students was strongly encouraged.

A visit to ENMO Consultancy’s acoustic room was not to be missed during this working visit. Every student experienced ‘sound rest’ in the acoustic chamber where observing the blood flow in your own ears was described as a special experience. In addition, sound recordings were made in the acoustic chamber in some groups with a student-made sound meter, using the HBK sound source Type 4292-L, with the aim of making reverberation measurements.

Enthusiastic response

After a day immersed in the fascinating and multifaceted world of sound and vibration during which the ENMO Team shared the necessary knowledge, skills and experiences with enthusiasm and passion, the students were impressed.

Physics teacher Saskia van Asselt tells about this field trip. « From the professional field, ENMO, among others, contributed to this project. They left early in the morning by bus from Amsterdam to Belgium, to see ENMO’s laboratories and get even more information about calibrating and certifying measuring equipment. The students who had already finished their own measuring instruments were allowed to make their own measurements in ENMO’s acoustic chamber. One team came very close to the reverberation time also measured by the equipment of Consultancy Engineer at ENMO, Bob Gaasbeek. So they were very proud of their achievement. Although it was a long trip, students were very enthusiastic about the visit. Here are a few quotes from students that they gave in the evaluation we did with them afterwards at school.

« The experience in the acoustic chamber was very cool »

« The lectures and looking around the measurement rooms was very informative »

« We were well received by ENMO and the tour was well prepared »

« Nice people, enthusiastic about their field »

The ENMO Team looks back with pleasure on the visit of this enthusiastic group of students from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam where the philosophy, to share the necessary practical experience with upcoming acoustic talents, is highly valued.