As the need for greater sound insulation in homes has become more important – especially since more workers are now home-based – acoustic insulation expert, ChovA has created a new range of systems to improve sound insulation levels between enclosures.

In order to guarantee a sound insulation system is up to the requirements of a refurbishment project, a number of essential conditions must be met: easy, reliable and flexible measurement and data analysis. To boost its capabilities in these areas, ChovA turned to Hottinger Brüel & Kjær (HBK) for the solutions, which would meet the latest regulations.

Following a consultation, HBK supplied ChovA with a full kit including, a class 1 Hand-held Analyzer Type 2270 for carrying out measurements that would comply with the latest standards. A Sound Calibrator Type 4231 for checking the calibration of the Type 2270 before every test, plus an OmniPower Sound Source and Power Amplifier. And a 1/3-octave graphic equalizer for ensuring the pink noise emission from the OmniPower had the flattest response possible in all the frequency bands in a free field.

The procedure that ChovA follows to launch a new system (which includes its products) leaves no room for uncertainty: starting from a specific sound insulation system, the company makes a series of measurements and then analyses the resulting data.

The full case study can be found via this link.