BK Connect is the new and highly innovative software platform from Brüel & Kjær. This platform is a fully integrated user-centric software solution for multi‐channel data acquisition (with industry‐leading LAN‐XI hardware), data processing, data management and reporting.

The BK Connect structure and concept are based on configurable user workflows that provide users exactly what they need when they need it. This reduces the risk of error and the need for customer-specific development – while maintaining the full feature richness of a modern analysis platform.

General-purpose sound and vibration engineering

The core applications of BK Connect are designed for general-purpose sound and vibration engineering. Together, they provide a comprehensive set of tools for real‐time measurement and data processing with the flexibility to deal with a wide range of engineering scenarios – from repetitive, standardized testing to complex troubleshooting investigations.

Specialized applications

In addition to the core applications, BK Connect also offers a range of specialized modules for structural dynamics, noise source location and angle domain analysis.

Customizable interface and tailored workflows

The user interface is easily customized, so it can be adapted to the needs of different users within organizations, enabling operators/ test engineers, specialists, managers and requesters to work together with maximal efficiency and productivity.

Each of the applications is designed as a self‐contained solution for a typical task or set of tasks within test and analysis. Users can then select the module or modules that will help them perform the task or combine applications to increase functionality and create tailored workflows for quick and easy completion of multiple steps in a sound and vibration test process.