Hottinger Brüel & Kjær (HBK) supports BAE Systems’ development of Type 26 Global Combat Ship

HBK, the sound and vibration expert, is providing Hull Vibration Monitoring Equipment (HVME) to BAE Systems for the UK Type 26 Global Combat Ship programme, currently being built for the Royal Navy. All eight Type 26 frigates will be equipped with the latest self-noise monitoring software to ensure that they can accurately manage their own acoustic signature.

One of the tasks of the Type 26 is to protect against potential intruding submarines; it is vital they can monitor and keep their own acoustic signature – the noise and vibration a vessel and its on-board equipment and systems project into the water – as low as possible.

The HVME comprises commercial off-the-shelf equipment that includes transducers, data acquisition, vibration measurement and analysis capabilities. The kit is tailored to each vessel’s layout, enabling location-specific alarms to be triggered in the event of excessive noise or vibration, so the crew can take action to reduce it.

More information about HBK’s HMVE projects is available here.