Hottinger Brüel & Kjær’s (HBK) interactive software database available to download free of charge.

Engineers, students and those seeking to learn more about microphones can now take advantage of HBK’s new software tool, the Microphone Viewer, which provides a wealth of information on microphones and associated data.

Backed by HBK’s 60 plus years of knowledge and experience in acoustics, the database includes sample records from more than twenty microphone cartridges and microphone sets. It helps users learn how microphones behave in different operating conditions, provides background information to support their decision when choosing specific models and acts as a handy reference tool.

Brüel & Kjær microphone utilisers have the added bonus of being able to import its data to the Microphone Viewer and start building their own database. They will be able to see the calibration data, including the type number, serial number and last calibration date, at a glance.

Users will also see the optimized frequency response curve, view responses (low-frequency, actuator, free field or random incidence) as well as responses with or without protection grid or other accessories, and at different degrees of incidence. Corrections such as free field, random incidence and pressure field, are shown in graph or table form.

All the data from the table can be exported into Excel® for post-processing and printing.

The Microphone Viewer is available via this link.