Machine Health Monitoring at the Push of a Button

Are you in charge of dozens of machines that are not monitored? Maybe because an online monitoring system would be too costly to install to all of them? Or because most portable devices are not a good fit either? Most of them are too heavy to carry around or require well-trained personnel to handle.

Don’t take the risk of a sudden outage, even with your less critical machines. There is a way to monitor and trend the vibration levels of your machines that fits in your pocket!

VIBROSTORE 100 is the latest B&K Vibro handheld machine condition monitoring device. It measures vibration levels and bearing wear at the push of a button. Download the readings to the accompanying Report & Route Manager software for reporting, further analysis and trending. No developing fault will go undetected any longer. VIBROSTORE 100 is a must-have addition to any online monitoring system as part of your predictive maintenance strategy!

Start using the handheld condition monitoring device VIBROSTORE 100 today and benefit from valuable machine data at your fingertips.

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