Discover how the new features will boost your vibration testing processes!

We are excited to share that m+p VibControl version 2.17 is now available, representing a significant upgrade to our m+p vibration controllers tailored for advanced environmental testing. This release introduces a range of new features and enhancements to make your vibration testing processes even more efficient and user-friendly.


3 New Application Highlights:

  • Save time by evaluating Shock Response Spectrum (SRS) during Classical Shock.
  • Improve safety during Sine-on-Random tests by notching the sine tones.
  • Reduce test times and protect your test objects by automatically detecting structural changes like resonance frequency shifts.

6 New Software Enhancements:

  • Elevate your test success validation, minimize workflow interruptions, and enhance flexibility in your test designs with additional trigger options, new sine dwell types and increased sampling rates up to 200 kHz.

4 New Quality of Life Features:

  • Explore user interface improvements designed to ensure precise test results, simplify your work, and boost reporting capabilities.

Learn more via the link. On this page you will discover accompanied videos as well.

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