Through extensive market research, Dytran has recognized a gap in the data logger market. New, entry level end users lack an affordable and simple solution to record vibration data while end users that utilize extensive testing equipment lack a convenient solution to perform isolated, one-off vibration tests. The current offerings on the market do not fit the needs of the first group because most are feature rich and costly while the current offerings do not fit the needs of the latter group because most are not portable and require the setup of a more extensive system which can be time intensive. To fill this market gap, Dytran Instruments, Inc. of Chatsworth, CA has introduced its first data logger, Model 4600A1.

This miniature multi-channel data logger provides users with an economical and portable solution for recording data from IEPE sensors with standard 10-32 connectors. This model includes software for data logger configuration, data analysis, and data export with no reoccurring licensing fees and is powered by an internal battery. Users can test 3 channels of IEPE data acquisition; however, if a user would like to expand the number of channels, the user can synchronize data across multiple units. Additionally, since many tests are taken on moving objects, the device must be secure on the testing article. Model 4600A1 can be stud mounted or magnetically mounted. It is also miniature in size so users can mount where instrumentation space is limited.

Model 4600A1 serves a variety of markets, including transportation, environmental stress screening, amusement rides, factory floor, modal analysis. This model is also ideal for university students due to the low cost. Application environments vary from product development testing to predictive maintenance.

Dytran is a leading manufacturer of piezoelectric and VC MEMS accelerometers, force and pressure transducers and associated electronics.

A  4600A product video is available on YouTube via this link.