What if you need a robust data acquisition system (DAQ) with 4 input channels, a high dynamic range and a frequency span of up to 25.6 kHz – ideal for NVH applications?

The LAN-XI Light, part of the LAN-XI family, is a high-tech DAQ suitable for recording and analysis of sound and vibration.

The light version type 3676 is a 4-channel ‘stand alone’ DAQ for sound and vibration measurements that supports CCLD sensors such as microphones, accelerometers and binaural recording sets. Still need a generator ? Then there is a light version type 3677 that provides this output channel. Its compact design is ideal for use in lab environments. Thanks to a battery module, the module becomes portable so that measurements can also be performed in the field.

This data acquisition system works seamlessly with advanced software platforms developed by HBK such as Labshop, Tescia and BK Connect. In some cases, these powerful platforms are not needed. That is why B&K has now launched 7 ‘Applets‘ that give you the flexibility and power through defined, application-specific tasks. You don’t have to worry about settings of measurement parameters. For example, there is an applet for standard ‘Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) analysis’ or order analysis to investigate instability and imbalances in rotating machines.

Contact us and together we will discuss which setup best suits your applications.