Based on your feedback, we continue to focus on helping you maximize productivity in your daily work by providing unique tools that support the entire workflow.

Reinforcing our commitment to strengthening your measurement processes and enhancing the user-experience, the release of BK Connect® 2022 and PULSE™ 26 includes important new features and refinements, in particular to our pass-by and structural dynamics software. Highlights include:

BK Connect: latest features and enhancements

BK Connect Indoor Pass-by and SPC:

  • Component Source Modelling in Pass-by SPC, enabling vehicle components to be swapped to predict pass-by noise when a component is modified or replaced
  • Flexible Test Plans ready to support upcoming changes to regulations. Supports dynamic changes of operating conditions, fulfilling future RD ASEP amendment
  • Easy comparison of pass-by noise contributions for different calculation parameters on same test data
  • Easy comparison of different vehicle pass-by noise contributions from, for example, baseline and modified vehicle
  • More comprehensive support of UN/ECE R51 and R41 regulations, adding heavy vehicle and motorcycle categories

BK Connect Structural Dynamics:

  • Improved and more flexible modal parameter estimation by adding two new parameters:
    FRF Form and Mass and Stiffness Percentage
  • Support of structural geometry, shapes, and matrix files in the Team Server
  • Export of Mode Shapes defined in Local Coordinate Systems to the Global Cartesian Coordinate System
  • A Sweep Monitor showing the actual sweep number in the Stepped Sine Setup and Measurement tasks
  • Condition number used for shape expansion and orthogonality calculations is now user-definable
  • CrossMAC and Cross-Orthogonality matrices are no longer re-calculated when they are unchanged
  • Tear-off functionality has been added to the Geometry Node Selection task

BK Connect Array Analysis:

  • The full range of BK Connect triggers (Signal, Speed and Manual) is now available for starting and stopping recordings
  • Time resolution has been increased for spectrograms on recorded data
  • The microphone channel mapping has been improved to take potential malfunctioning cables and microphones into account
  • The long-term stability for the camera has been improved

PULSE: latest features and enhancements

PULSE Vehicle Pass-by:

  • New product license, 7788-Q, for minimum noise standards only
  • Improvement to the NHTSA wave file exporter to improve precision of the position calculation
  • Minimum noise stationary measurements can now be performed without an engine speed signal

PULSE Operational Modal Analysis and Structural Health Monitoring:

  • New SHM Status Overview window showing the overall health of a monitored structure
  • Updated Select Functions control for better support of data with many channels and/or long channel names
  • Number of frames in an animation cycle can now be set between 10 and 100
  • Significant performance optimization of the damage detection algorithms
  • Significant performance improvements to the Historical Measurements Statistics in the Analysis History task
  • Improved import of Universal File Format (UFF) data sets

PULSE Sound Power:

  • Now possible to manually set the Photocall Delay. Default is automatic.

You will experience general enhancements throughout the PULSE and BK Connect platform as well as several critical bug fixes. Explore more about the new features and refinements.


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