Introducing Noise Guard V3: A Comprehensive Update for Environmental Noise Monitoring

In the ever-evolving landscape of environmental noise monitoring, staying ahead means constantly improving and adapting. With the latest update to Noise Guard, users can expect a host of new features designed to enhance usability, security, and efficiency. Let’s dive into what’s new:

User-Centric Enhancements:

With Noise Guard V3 we introduce a more personalized experience with our revamped user settings. Additionally, enjoy peace of mind with enhanced security measures, and the ability to update your email and password as required. Gain greater control over terminal settings with customizable individual time zones, which ensure that your data is correctly viewed based on terminal location rather than local time.

Streamlined Roles and Permissions Management:

Empower your organization with tailored roles to suit your organization’s structure. Create, edit, and delete roles effortlessly, and assign predefined permissions to different roles with ease, streamlining user management. Extend this feature into your public map view, which can now show only specific, pre-defined terminals, which will be able to display various, user-defined parameters in the future.

Terminal Optimization:

Individualized day, evening, and night periods ensure local legislation can be quickly incorporated into your projects. Configure notifications for battery, offline status, and threshold alerts tailored to individual preferences. Any missed notifications can be viewed directly from the log. Finally, get access to expanded terminal diagnostics, which ensure you are always up to date on your terminal hardware.

Efficient Data Management and Reporting:

The highly requested automated reports will be coming soon, which allow for automated daily, weekly, and monthly reports, simplifying your reporting process. Archives also received an update, allowing users to securely and quickly conduct data management within their server utilizing new customizable, user-defined export filters. Finally, quickly delete measurements and their respective recordings when required, allowing for better server management.

Powerful Measurement Tools:

Customize your charts, enjoy faster loading times, and delve deeper into your data with advanced filtering and sorting capabilities. Utilize the new and improved measurement groupings (1min, 2min, 3min, etc.) for a personalized export experience. With improved API access and detailed documentation, integration into other applications has never been smoother.

Seamless Integration with Marine Traffic Data:

Unlock deeper insights with our new marine traffic data export feature, seamlessly integrating marine traffic data into your monitoring toolkit. Additionally, Marine Traffic has received a UI update, improving the user’s overview.

Comprehensive Filtering Capabilities:

Save time and streamline your workflow with global, saveable filters that can be applied across exports, measurements, reports, and archives.

Things to come:

Lossless audio recordings (.wav) have long been requested to allow users to conduct in-depth analysis of audio signals to ensure precise reports. When paired with LXeq-based sound recording thresholds, Noise Guard truly provides an adaptive system. Due to local legislation being rather specific at times, user-defined percentile values will become available to ensure no roadblocks are present during your reports. Other features within the pipeline are sure to draw attention to Noise Guard, so stay tuned for more information regarding these mystery features in the near future.

With these exciting updates, Noise Guard reaffirms its commitment to innovation and excellence in environmental noise monitoring. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in noise monitoring technology.