New microphone family – handmade in Denmark. Designed for high-precision, free-field measurements, where a microphone with high sensitivity is required.

To help engineers and acousticians achieve accurate measurements, Bruel & Kjær has introduced the Type 4966 Microphone family. Four new microphone type designed for robust and reliable free-field measurements, and is ideally suited for high-precision interior and exterior vehicle measurements, and sound power measurements. 

Type 4966 introduces four microphone types suitable for:

  • All-round acoustic measurements in temperatures up to 125°C.
  • Eliminating low-frequency disturbance, such as body boom or road noise.
  • Measurements in confined spaces – or when building an array with a low noise floor.
  • High sound pressure level (SPL) measurements or if evaluating the integrity of the microphone measurement channel.

Just like every Bruel & Kjær microphone, the entire production process is done by hand and controlled by tight tolerance. Assembly takes place in an ISO Class 5 cleanroom ensuring that each microphone meets the highest standards, provides a low noise floor and high stability. Even in environments with high humidity and temperature.

Type 4966 is a robus and stable free-field microphone cartridge designed for high-precision acoustic measurements. The video below shows the hand-made details and precision that is used in making the microphone.

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