Along with all the other features that make Sonoscout one of the easiest to use NVH data acquisition systems, Sonoscout now has a native CAN bus interface.

Sonoscout, Brüel & Kjær’s ultra-portable NVH recorder, now includes CAN bus data: a small change that enables a big difference. It means Sonoscout now delivers a complete solution for validation and engineering on the go or in production testing, without the need for third-party hardware.

Together with an even simpler and more intuitive iPad® interface, Sonoscout now offers one of the easiest and most complete real-time measurement solutions for vehicle testing,” says Martin Qvist Olsen, Product Manager at Brüel & Kjær.

By continuously displaying test information such as throttle position and engine rpm from the CAN bus, Sonoscout maximizes engineer confidence during testing and brings simple control and analysis to tasks such as comparing vehicles and data sets. When used with a binaural recording headset, a Sound Quality HATS Type 4100 or digital HEAD HATS, Sonoscout can capture cabin sounds in real-time.

Immediately after recording, data can be quickly and easily validated: you can replay the time history, listen to it, and explore it with simple touch controls. Exporting data uses easy tools that transfer to PC in five common file formats.

In addition to recording, the Sonoscout app has on-board analysis which allows you to make decisions on the spot and even generate a report using Microsoft® Office apps.

Sonoscout’s capabilities now include:

  • Automated calibration procedure
  • TEDS support for automatic CCLD transducer recognition
  • FFT, order analysis, spectrogram analysis, sound quality metrics
  • Data from a vehicle’s CAN bus (OBD-II or J1939)

More about the Sonoscout and the CAN module: