As the morning breaks, the first sun rays shine into the room. One of the priceless joys of life are the mornings in which you wake up to the sun and not having to rush to get up. Turning to the side you realize your partner has already gotten up. It still feels so nice to spend a few minutes in bed and gazing through the window. All of a sudden a hint of inviting aroma instantly invigorates you: Coffee! You quickly get out of bed and head to the kitchen. As your partner pours a cup of coffee for you, you head to the window. As you move closer and step into the sun, the warm rays make you smile. And then to highlight the morning, you decide you would like to feel fresh breeze and fresh air on your skin with the rays of sun. As you open the window, the birds and wind playing with leaves and trees play an eternal melody of life and you can’t help but smile.

Sounds like what should be a typical morning that everyone should have the ability to experience regularly. For many people a lot of the things mentioned in the story are still possible. However opening the window and listening to the birds, wind or children’s laughter is often just not possible. The neighbourhood construction, transportation or industry is simply too loud. So often instead of going out for a pleasant walk, we might stay inside. It used to be quite difficult and complicated to monitor and measure sound levels during various noisy transitional (construction) or permanent (industry, transportation) activities. It is also very important to face the issue of excessive noise in the right way. If the noise is excessive and not properly managed and measured from the beginning of operations or complaints, then tough regulations are drafted and enforced. Those are not the best for urban and neighbourhood development because they are too restrictive.

The right approach to noise management is proactive and costs the entity producing the excessive noise less in the end. For this approach, a special solution that is flexible, reliable, accurate and cost-efficient is needed.

The goal is to measure noise, regulate work and educate the people affected by the noise.

When the Noise Guard has been developed everything mentioned above was studied and no compromise was made in quality and flexibility. From semi-permanent portable battery powered solution for outdoor use with ability to use Weather station, to completely stationary outdoor and weatherproof solution with all the sound and weather data. To offer the best in accuracy, B&K 2250 Sound Level Meter and B&K 4952 outdoor microphone are used. Since measuring accurately is simply not enough to identify noise source, an advanced server system had to be developed to display and analyse all the data, listen to recordings and enable a public website for the public that you can host locally. A stand-alone self-hosted solution, to help you with your measurements, having your data in -house available, with the flexibility of a web application. Become the manager of your own data!

The flexibility of the Noise Guard extends past just new systems. Existing 2250/2270 users can easily plug in their sound level meter into the Noise Guard suitcase. If there are old B&K 3639 Noise monitoring terminals, there is a solution within the Noise Guard family to upgrade to. Or perhaps there is a need to upgrade existing 2250 G4 into a full noise monitoring solution. With Noise Guard, we can offer retrofit kits for such cases.

Regardless whether it’s just for a weekend monitoring of a racetrack, a 9 month monitoring of a construction or all the way to multi-year quarry or production factory monitoring, you always have your own mobile device ready and manage your own data.

Interested in a demonstration of the Noise Guard? Book your demonstration through this link and we will contact you accordingly!