Upgrade your VT-60 data collection tools today!

Although our VT-60 and companion xms software has provided you with many years of reliable service, we will be discontinuing all repairs and support as of December 2020. We strongly encourage all customers to upgrade during the next 18 months to ensure your predictive maintenance program can continue uninterrupted with the full support surrounding our VT-80 / ReO package. This state-of-the-art solution has been specially engineered to offer the most convenient and seamless migration package available anywhere in the industry, ensuring your transition is not only easy, but unlocks powerful new functionality not available in our legacy VT-60/xms package.

You can make use of the trade-in campaign to exchange the VT-60 to a VT-80 (campaign will expire after March 31, 2020). More information can be found on this link.

Would you like to make use of this exclusive offer? Contact us on info@enmo.eu or by phone (+3214600900 / +31497380739).