The VCM-3 is the cost-effective 12-channel data acquisition system aimed at monitoring auxiliary machines or balance-of-plant (BOP) machines. Thanks to its easy installation, the VCM-3 is one of the most powerful and secure data acquisition and data processing units in the market. The VCM3 adds a new dimension of automatic machine fault detection and diagnostics, so that you always have a complete picture of the condition of your machines, whether they are balance-of-plant, non-critical or even isolated critical machines. As an optimal condition monitoring solution, it helps convert vibration data so that factors that could cause production downtime are detected early.

VCM-3 is one step ahead of all other machine condition monitoring devices. For example, the VCM3 uses specially defined measurements that can not only automatically detect failures at an earlier stage, but can also provide a diagnostic indication of the type and severity of the failure. In addition, the VCM3 is compatible with various software platforms such as the OSIsoft® PI System®, as well as with other databases.  It can also be connected to a Cloud-based solution, for applications where customer expertise is limited, or where no data monitoring infrastructure exists. Finally, the VCM3 is also modular, making it possible to start with the standard model and upgrade as your monitoring experience and requirements grow.

VCM-3 provides:

  • a simple yet scalable solution for troubleshooting rotating machines
  • continuous monitoring, which allows all machines to be monitored at all times and provides insights that enable users to control problems – before they become problems.
  • easy-to-implement condition monitoring, using advanced descriptor technology based on decades of expertise.
  • a cost-effective solution – 24 hours a day – to eliminate “gaps” in condition monitoring data and prevent unpleasant and unexpected downtime.

The VCM-3 is also available in an ATEX version for hazardous installations and can even be upgraded with an IP66 field enclosure for protection against the elements.