Portable machine vibration analysis and diagnostics

Vibration damage can effectively be prevented by using vibration monitors to monitor and report excessive vibrations, well before the danger point is reached. The portfolio of Brüel & Kjaer Vibro’s monitoring units, comprises permanently installed, rack-based machine protection (MPS) and condition monitoring systems (CMS) as well as offline, portable systems.

Portable systems are frequently used for temporary diagnostic monitoring of critical machinery for diagnostics when there is either a high probability of a machine fault, or serious consequences from that fault event, for example after an outage or a retrofit.

The newly available portable VIBROPORT 8000 hardware platform is based on our rack-based VC-8000 machine protection system. It is packaged and optimized for portable use to:

  • Record vibration levels during machine start-up and coast-down
  • Monitor trouble machines for several months until root cause of faults can be determined and resolved
  • Augment protection-only systems with CMS data, especially when an incumbent online system does not provide the relevant data
  • Provide access to the current system data for 3rd party consultants

The system comes packed in a box ready to use. The favorable package price includes customer training and support.

Solution benefits:

  • Field-proven VC-8000 design
  • Robust, reliable hardware at an attractive pricing
  • Compatibility with OSIsoft PI system
  • Advanced dynamic data due to patented iFactor technology
  • 4- hour customer training included in package price
  • 12 months of phone and email support included
  • For technical details, see manual and quick guide.

For further information, you can contact the ENMO team on +31497380739 / +3214600900 or by email (info@enmo.eu).