The HBK 2245 Sound Level Meter is at the forefront of noise assessment technology, delivering unparalleled accuracy and reliability!

We are proud to support the Brussels Region in their efforts to improve the quality of life for its residents through comprehensive noise control measures. Our HBK 2245 Sound Level Meter, supplied and serviced by ENMO, plays a crucial role in these initiatives, particularly in assessing the noise levels of motorcycles.

In collaboration with the Brussels Region, our sound level meters are utilized in inspections aimed at evaluating and regulating the noise emissions of motorcycles. These inspections are integral components of a larger, holistic sound plan designed to mitigate noise pollution and enhance the well-being of Brussels citizens.

Recent inspections, including one conducted in the Brussels region, exemplify their commitment to actively address noise concerns and create a quieter, more sustainable urban environment.

Join us in our mission to promote healthier, more peaceful communities through advanced sound measurement technology. Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of Brussels residents and beyond.