HBK (Hottinger Brüel & Kjær) has decided to execute an End of Life cycle (EOL) process for the Type 2250 Sound Level Meter.

After a review of our existing product offering, we have decided to discontinue Type 2250 Hand­held Analyzer and focus on providing you with more advanced tools in the Type 2245 and Type 2255. This discontinuation process will start immediately.

Type 2250 has been in the market for more than 15 years and during that time has led the way of what is possible with a handheld measurement tool. Covering not only acoustic but also vibration measurement, the sound level meter has been used all over the world on thousands of projects.

It is now however that we must start moving forwards, replacing the Type 2250 with the latest B&K Type 2245 or HBK Type 2255 Sound Level Meters. With advancements in technology, our new IOS app concept and all new PC software, the Type 2245/2255 Sound Level Meters are the future for handheld measurements.

It is this solution where we have already added many tools, including Building Acoustics, Environ-mental Noise tools such as FFT analysis, Workplace Noise assessments and Sound Power measure-ment capabilities however there is much more to come.

As part of this change, we will continue to support repairs of existing 2250s for the foreseeable fu-ture, with a minimum of 5 years’ service and support from purchase date. In specific cases where the Type 2255 cannot be used or if 2 channels are required, for example for Sound Intensity, we will continue to recommend the Type 2270.

ENMO emphasizes that the ENMO Support Team will provide support for the use of the 2250 device for the next 5 years and thereafter for as long as possible. In addition, your 2250 sound level meter remains available for calibration in the lab of ENMO Services.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the ENMO Team.