Test and measurement expert, Hottinger Brüel & Kjær launches new V8800 + XPA-K air-cooled medium-force shaker system.

To help automotive companies and test houses cope with increasing demand for high vibration and shock testing, while keeping expenses low, Hottinger Brüel & Kjær (HBK) has created its new medium-force, air cooled LDS V8800 shaker system which provides a comprehensive and reliable solution, with everything that is needed for accurate and high-performance vibration tests, along with an efficiency that goes far beyond saving time.

The LDS V8800 series shaker system was developed for a variety of R&D, testing and production scenarios, such as component and subsystem durability tests, general load testing, or product qualification and packaging testing within the automotive, aerospace and defence, transport and packaging industries. It is suitable for high-acceleration shock tests and has an internal load support capability of 700 kg.

The system features a maintenance-free Inductive Centring System (ICS), leading to increased reliability due to being unaffected by unfavourable environmental conditions such as dust or heat.

The COOL and QUIET modes, which automatically adjust system settings to reduce the energy consumption required for a test, or, if possible, operate the shaker without a fan, save costs and reduce the noise associated with standard tests. Remote service capabilities ensure low inspection risks, maximum availability, and a long-term return on investment of the V8800 + XPA-K shaker system.

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